Friday, July 3, 2015

Blue and purple peacock manicure

Blue and purple gradient manicure

I recently purchased a set of Kleancolor polishes and was anxious to try them out. 
The set included six metallic polishes and six holographic polishes.  This was my first experience with the Kleancolor brand and I was reluctant.  For $14.68 (EBay) I got 12 polishes which amounts to $1.22 per bottle!  Honestly, my expectations were pretty low because of the price.

The six metallic colors in the set were vibrant.  The polish was a good consistency and they applied smoothly and evenly, without streaking.  I wasn't quite as impressed with the holographic set, but the metallics were great.

Kleancolor metallic polishes
Metallic set

Kleancolor Holo polishes
Holographic set

Right away I wanted to try the metallic polishes, so I did a simple gradient manicure to test them out.

For this manicure I used 5 polishes. 

Purple and blue polishes
'Metallic Aqua', 'Metallic Fuschia', 'Bubbly Bombshell', '
Twinkle', and 'There's No Place Like Chrome'

After my base coat, I applied a single coat of Kleancolor's 'Metallic Aqua' (the blue one on the left) and allowed it to dry.  I was satisfied with the single coat because I would be sponging a few coats over it. Otherwise, the formula for the metallic polishes is completely opaque in two coats.  With a cosmetic wedge, I created the gradient effect using 'Metallic Aqua' and 'Metallic Fuschia' (the purple one).  If you would like a detailed tutorial on how to do a gradient manicure please leave me a comment and I will demonstrate the technique.
Once I was satisfied with the results, I used two glitter polishes to give the manicure a little pizzazz.  I'm addicted to anything that sparkles.  I dabbed on the glitters similarly to how I did the polishes.  The purple glitter is 'Bubbly Bombshell' by OPI and the blue one, which has flecks of purple throughout, was 'Twinkle' by Milani.  I believe the Milani polish is an old formula and you may have a hard time finding it.  If you like it, I would suggest you try EBay.

Finally, I used Born Pretty stamping plate BP-04 to stamp a peacock using Essie's 'There's no Place Like Chrome' polish, which is a good silver stamping polish by the way.

Born Pretty stamping plate BP-04
Porn Pretty plate BP-04

Blue and purple gradient manicure

Have you tried polishes by Kleancolor?  What are your experiences with the brand? Leave me a comment below.

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