Monday, July 6, 2015

Kleancolor Holographics

These swatches are from the Kleancolor Holo set.  They go on rather thick, like the Kleancolor Metallics.  Two coats will do fine.  I almost considered using them as a jelly to do a jelly sandwich nail art, but they may be too opaque for that.  I like to use several coats of polish for my jelly manicures and after four coats or so, the opacity might prevent any designs from peeking through.  If you're unfamiliar with the jelly sandwich technique, leave me a comment and I'll prepare a tutorial for you.

These holo glitter polishes needed a base color underneath, so I used white except for the middle fingers which I painted black.  Which do you prefer, holo over a dark or light base?

Kleancolors Holo Polishes
Holo Pink, Holo Blue, Holo Chrome

Kleancolors Holo Polishes
Holo Yellow, Holo Green, Holo Orange

Kleancolors Lime manicure
For this design Iused Holo Yellow over a green base color.

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