Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Revlon's Holo Pearl

      I happened upon a beautiful find at CVS.  Revlon Holo Pearl, a holographic top coat.  Since I've recently  caught the holographic micro glitter, bug I had to try this one.  My experience is that not all holographics are the same.  But, I was satisfied and quite impressed with this one.  No, I didn't see the rainbow,  but the glittery effect is outstanding.  It twinkles like a million tiny diamonds.

Unfortunately, I have to give this disclaimer first.  The following pictures do not give justice to this polish.  The beautiful, holographic, glittery effects are noticeable.  But believe me when I say this....Trust me it's fantastic!  

Revlon Holo Pearl

Beautiful in the bottle, gorgeous on the nails.  Since this is a top coat, I needed a base color.  I chose two, white and black. 

Ring finger base coat is black

I loved the polish so much that I couldn't resist a little stamping.

Revlon Holo Pearl stamping

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