Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Revlon's Pink Glaze Nail Polish

I can't remember the last time I visited a Rite Aid, so when I drove by one today, I had to turn around and take a look around.  After promising the kids that I'd be right back (that really means pull out your video game devices and have a good time).  I planned to do a little personal comparison to my local CVS and Wallgreens.  My plan was to look around, not shop, but when I found two sister polishes to my Revlon Holo Pearl, I couldn't pass them up.  Revlon's top coat effects 'Pink Glaze' and 'Gold Glaze'.

I was so impressed with Revlon's 'Holo Pearl' that I couldn't resist the other two.  I didn't expect them to live up to the same standard as the 'Holo Pearl', however,   simply because they are not holographic polishes.  They looked great in the bottle, though, and I do have a new found respect for Revlon, so it was definitely worth a try. 

Pink Glaze             Holo Pearl            Gold Glaze

I painted both top coat effects over white and black polish to see how they would look over dark and light colors.  I was surprised to see that the Pink Glaze showed up as a faint pinkish shimmer over white polish, but a vibrant purple iridescent color over the black polish.  'Pink Glaze' over white polish was barely noticeable, but it was absolutely stunning over black polish.  Quite impressive.  

After a bit of stamping

Tomorrow we'll take a look at Revlon's 'Gold Glaze'.

Ciao for now.

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