Monday, July 27, 2015

Welcome to Zoya Week: Meet Anaka and Charla

Hi guys, I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was...intersting.  Having no oven, dishwasher or funtioning kitchen plumbing makes for an interesting weekend.  The plus side is that I'm not able to cook a meal (no hardship there).  At least the washer and dryer still work so we'll have clean clothes.

Last week I promised you an entire week of Zoya.  As promised, here it is.

Welcome to Zoya week

The moment I tried out my first Zoya polish I fell in love.  Now Zoya polishes are the most coveted polishes in my collection.  Today, I have two beauties to show you.

This first one is Anaka, a shimmery berry fuschia polish.  The photos did not capture the mica particles that sparkle in the light, but trust me, it's there.  I put this color together with a yellow polish by Sally Hansen and another Zoya polish called Arizona.  I can't wait to show you that one later this week.

The second polish is Charla, a deep mermaid blue/green with shimmery gold mica.  It also shines and shimmers in the light.  I went with a planetary theme for this manicure because the sparkly deep blue made me think of outer space.  I purchased this polish because a YouTube polish guru (sorry, I don't remember who it was) insisted that it was one of her favorites and an essential for any polish collection.  When I wore it the first time I agreed that it is a great addition to my collection. I have a few Sally Hansens that are similar, but not as deep and vibrant as Charla.  

If you know of a Zoya that you want me to review, leave it in comments.  See you tomorrow.  Ciao for now.

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