Thursday, July 30, 2015

Zoya Week Thursday: Meet Tanzy and Faye

Yesterday my Mundo De Unas stamping polishes arrived in addition to a few new Bundle Monster stamping plates. So you can bet that next week I'll have a couple of demos for you.  I played around with the polishes a bit and nearly passed out from the fumes.  Boy, that's some toxic smelling stuff.  They recommend that you use them in a well ventilated area and I see why.  They should probably recommend a gas mask as well. Anyway, that's for next week.  Today we're at the midpoint for Zoya week and I promise you more dazzling colors, the ones I have today, though, are more neutral.


This is Tanzy.  She's a beautiful orange shimmering polish that leans torwards gold. This polish is a bit sheer and requires three coats to be opaque.  I chose to go with an Egyptian theme for this polish because it's earthy, but regal.  It reminded me of golden desert sand and pyramids.


Faye doesn't quite qualify as a duo-chrome, but it does reflect a hint of purple at certain angles.  It's a bronzy color with purple undertones.  If worn over a white base, the purple is more visible, but without the base it wasn't strong enough to show in the photos.

Since my birthday was last week I couldn't get by without fitting in one birthday manicure.  I did one about a week ago when my son played a mean trick on his brother, but that was a precursor to this one.  I used pink, green and neutral polishes to stamp multiple layers on my index finger, pinky and thumb, and simple celebratory designs for my ring and middle fingers.

I hope you enjoyed these lovely ladies.  I haven't decided what's in store for you tomorrow because my Ulta just restocked their polishes.  Of course I stocked up as well.  So tomorrow, it's anybody's guess.  Ciao for now.

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