Sunday, August 23, 2015

Born Pretty Chameleon Holo Polish #205 Review

Born Pretty Chameleon Holo Polish #205

Welcome back polish enthusiasts!  My poor offended and abused fingers have recuperated from Fridays monstrosity of a manicure. If you dare, go back to Fridays post and take a peak. I have cleared my mind of the frightening mental images, but I can't remove the photo from my blog here or it would defeat the purpose. So, I'll endure accidentally glancing at it a time or two before it disappears into the polish archives.

Today, I have another review for you, but this one is far more pleasant than the last. I purchased this baby online when I was going through a holographic/chameleon polish phase.  I'm over it now, although you'll still see them pop up here and there. This one was so pretty it seemed sacrilegious to deface it with stamping, marbling or any other such detail. After applying a black base coat (required per instructions to get the full color shift effect) I added two coats of the Chameleon Holo polish. Lovely polish, good consistency, applies well. I recommend this one it if you like chameleon polishes.

I tried to capture the shifting colors from green/gold to plum/red. I hope the pictures do it justice.

This polish doen't appear in the Born Pretty shop. I don't know if they no longer carry it, or it's been discontinued. But, it can still be found in a Google search.
Ciao for now!

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