Friday, August 28, 2015

First Day of School Crazies: School Mani

The first-day-of-school was a nightmare know where.

I will not strangle my child. I will not strangle my child. more time.
I will not strangle my child.
At least not today.

Don't call Social Services.  I would never strangle or hurt my little pumpkin, <gritting my teeth> but boy does he know just how to push Mommy's buttons. Why? Please tell me WHY did he undo half of his summer project right after we got it all finished? In the morning, (thankfully we got up early) for half an hour, we sat at the table redoing the work he undid the night before. I got him to his bus just in the nick of time. If this is an idea of how this school year is going to go, I'm in trouble. Well, at least he showered.  That's something.

In light of my horrific morning, I did a manicure that reflected a hopeful school year.

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