Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mixing Polish: I did it! Sunny Sparkly Yellow

Hello, my polishing friends,  yesterday I showed you my purple polish mix using a couple of polishes and pigments. It turned out a muted eggplant color, and I thought it would make a good accent polish in place of harsh black.  That worked well, but then, much to my delight, I tested its stamping ability and found that it's an excellent stamping polish.  Better than a few Konads that I have, and better than most of my Bundle Monster stamping polishes. I'll keep in mind that maybe adding a fair amount of pigment might increase the chance that a polish will stamp well. After I do a bit more experimenting at my polishing station turned chemistry lab, I hope to have a more conclusive report.

Last night I gave yellow polish mixing a try. It was a success if I must say so myself. This time I added a bit of yellow polish, a jelly sparkle polish and one other polish...hmmm... I think it was a glitter. Yes, it was a silver glitter polish with a clear base. No pigments this time.  Since the sparkle and glitter polishes were jelly consistencies, my mixture became a jelly as well.  One that I absolutely love.  The color is bright and sunny with sparkly glitter throughout.  It applies thick...very thick. I used two coats to bring out more of the yellow color, but really one coat would do Yes, it's that thick.  The jelly polishes I combined were old and thicker than they had originally been when I bought them.  I'm going to gather up more of my old polishes to find ones that are old and thick.

Here are the results.

What colors would you like to mix...or see me mix?  I mixed a few sheers I could show you. Yea or Nay?  

Back to the lab, Ciao for now.

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