Thursday, August 27, 2015

Orange Mandala Manicure

We're wrapping up the first week of school and I must admit that things haven't gotten easier yet. I say "yet" because I'm positively anticipating a great school year. We just need to settle into our routine. I'll probably need to limit my posts to 3 times a week, but let's just see how things go.

Today, I proudly present to you a mandala manicure.  Mandala means "sacred circle" in Sanskrit. Drawing mandalas are often used in a therapeutic sense to soothe the soul and also as a creative outlet to tap into that wealth of creative ideas in our heads. By the time you're finished drawing and coloring a mandala, you should have a masterpiece and find yourself in a Zen state (theoretically). I didn't use quite the same technique on my nails, but I still finished feeling peaceful and satisfied with my miniature works of art. 

After my last top coat was dry I found a picture on the internet that reminded me of my orange mandala (I think it might be a decorative window or lamp).

I loved the outcome and I plan to do a similar manicure in the future.  Do you want to see another mandala manicure? 

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