Monday, August 17, 2015

Whoo, Zoya thats Whoo: a Blue/Green Owl Manicure

Whoo likes owls? Ok, so I couldn't resist another owl joke. Actually, I'm not so into the birds, but I did have a couple of stamping plates with owls. So I paired them with two Zoya polishes and came up with this green/blue manicure. I was happy to discover that the bluer polish stamped well over the greener of the two.  Ok, let's get to the names of those polishes.  The Darker blue one is Talia, a highly pigmented cream ocean-blue turquoise.  I know, that's a lot of description, but it's a beautifully unusual color. It's from the Summer 2015 Island fun collection. A great collection, by-the-way. I highly recommend looking into it. There are a few colors I still want to pick up.

The lighter green polish, Bevin, is from the Spring 2012 True Collection (another good collection). This color is best described as sage green.

Born Pretty plate 54, Zoya Talia, Zoya Bevin
You can purchase the Born Pretty plate from their shop with free shipping using the Born Pretty code in the column to the right. If you purchase from the shop show me the beautiful designs that you come up with, and let me know about your shopping experience with Born Pretty.
Ciao for now.

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