Tuesday, September 15, 2015

31 Day Challenge: Day 15 Delicate Print Nails

#31DC2015 Delicate Print

Well, I think this counts as delicate print, don't you think? Delicate, yet still flashy and non-work appropriate. Just how I like it. Could have splashed on a bit of glitter, though. I knew something was missing. Honetly, I was itching to use striping tape. So, I fit that in there too.

I'm going to keep this sweet and short because we're at Buffalo Wild Wings waiting for our order. My mouth is watering and my flashy nails are flashing.

Here'swhat I used.

Essie's No Place Like Chrome is an excellent silver stamping polish.  One of the best after MdU. Remember my eggplant purple mixture?  Well, it's back and it stamps well.

Ok, gotta go, my order's here. Bon Appetit, and
Ciao for now.

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