Monday, September 28, 2015

31 Day Challenge: Day 26 Pattern Nails

#31DC2015 Pattern Nails

I know. I know I've been MIA a few days here and there. A little behind on the challenge, but I'm here today, so let's go with that. We'll see about tomorrow when it comes. Sometimes you just have to grab a little ME time or family time when you can. This weekend I got to spend some time with family and catch up on what's going on with all of us. What made it extra special was that I got to spend time with my Uncle who has very strong opinions about life. He's from the WWII era and the struggles back then were very different than the ones we have today. I enjoyed an eye opening history lesson. I could write about it all day, but that's not what you guys are waiting for. I'm setting thoughts of air raids and war aside for now.

The challenge today is patterned nails. I chose this one because I was in a hurry and it was the first patterned plate I put my hands on. I paired a Revlon polish with Moyou London's blue stamping polish.

Here's what I used.

Aquamarine by Revlon
Moyou London Blue 

Next up,  art work.
Ciao for now.

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