Sunday, September 6, 2015

31 Day Challenge: Day 6 Violet Nails

#31DC2015 Day 6 Violet nails

French manicure tape worked yesterday, so I chose the traditional tape today. Zoya was the first purple polish I laid my eyes on, so I grabbed two of them. Hudson is a soft lavender shimmer, and the darker one, Isa, is more of a royal purple. It shows purple in the bottle, but almost blue, with two coats, on the nails. On my ring fingers I simply reversed the pattern, using Hudson for the base color and Isa for the french tips and fishnet accent.

This ends the simple single color challenges. Tomorrow, we're moving into more interesting waters. Day 7 is black and white nails, followed by metallic and rainbow nails.

Till then,
Ciao for now.

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