Monday, September 7, 2015

31 Day Challenge: Day 7 Black and White Nails and Uber Chic Uber Mat Review

#31DC2015 Day 7

Hello friends and family,
Before we get into our manicure for today, I am soooo happy to announce that I can now offer you 10% off all products from the Born Pretty Store. Just click the Born Pretty store link above or on the ad above the search box to the right, and add coupon code PSX31 at checkout. And, you still receive your free shipping! Great deal, can't beat it with a stick.

Alright, now, on to the challenge for day 7, black and white day. Originally, I thought of piano keys, but instead, I went the way of...well, I don't exactly know what to call it, but I thought it fits. What better way to emphasize black and white than to add a splash of red. Couldn't help myself.

I used black and white polishes from SinfulColors, white MdU, and black Konad.

A few days ago I was excited to get my Uber Chic mat and I've been having a great time testing it out. I played around with a few combinations and stamping designs for this manicure. When I came up with my final design, I was able to peel the designs right off the mat and apply them to my nails like decals. I didn't paint my nails. I just cut the decals to size, painted a coat of clear polish on my nails, applied the decals, and finished with a clear top coat. The process was easy, and it saved time not having to paint and stamp my nails after coming up with the design on the mat.  Not only does the mat make decals easy, but it's also great for playing around with color combinations and mixing colors. Cleaning up the mat is easy too. Some of the mess can be lifted off the mat and tossed in the trash, and what's left can be removed with a few quick swipes with polish remover or acetone. I was concerned that the black finger outlines would disappear with the acetone, but the ink must be embedded in the mat because it doesn't appear to be affected at all. Overall, I'm impressed with the Uber mat and I recommend it to anyone who does nail art. As a matter of fact, If anything happened to mine, I would replace it right away. That's my final review for the Uber Mat. Now hurry and order yours before they run out! 

The theme for tomorrow is metallic nails. I love anything metallic, sparkly or glittery, so I'm going to have fun with this one.

Come back tomorrow.
Ciao for now!

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