Wednesday, September 23, 2015

31Day Challenge: Day 21 Inspired by a Color

Hello lovelies. How do you choose just one color when there are so many beautiful hues to choose from? Eerie meenie mini mo. That's how. So for the "Inspired by a color" challenge prompt, I came up with purple.  Not to mention that I have more than 30 of them ranging from the palest, almost white lavender, to the boldest deep almost blue purple. Sparkles, glitters, creams, holos, shimmers, and even a crackle (where did that come from?) Note to self: find a matte and a textured purple. Of course I couldn't use them all, but 6 (plus one pink holo) was enough.

Here's what I used.

Pink Glaze by Revlon
Catlin by Zoya
Eternal Beauty by Color Club
Pixie Powder by Only
Bubbly Bombshell by Only
Fuschia by Milan
Eggplant Frost by Wet n Wild

Ciao for now.

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