Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Neon Laser Nails and The 31 Day Challenge

I love a bright neon polish, so after an afternoon of laser tag, I couldn't resist duplicating the experience with nail art. Ok, so I didn't actually join in the fun, but as a spectator, I got a good view of the game. Colored laser beams streaked through the room while teams of laser wielding gunmen (and a gunwoman) stealthily moved through a maze with the threat of dangerous opponents hiding around every turn. I'm definitely going in next time and channeling my inner Call of Duty laser-style.

For this manicure I pulled out a few of my neon polishes, a black polish and striping tape. I was surprised to realize that I don't own very many neon polishes. How did that happen? I'm sure I'll rectify that on my next Thursday polish shopping trip. Yes, I actually have a special day of the week that I check out a few nearby stores in hopes of finding that must-have polish.

You might be aware of the 31 Day Challenge created by Sarah of Chalkboard Nails. I've been pondering whether or not to join in the challenge this year and finally decided that I will do it! For rules and details, check out Chalkboard Nails or Google the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. I admit that September is a hectic month for me with school starting and the start of new projects on the job. So, I decided to start planning a little early, otherwise, there's no way I could spend an hour or more each day for 31 days working on the challenge. It starts on September 1 and ends October 1. Can I do it? Do I have what it takes? We'll find out. Tomorrow, Day one, the challenge will be red nails. I will post my challenge pics each day and hopefully I'll have time to get in a normal post each week. Wish me luck, send me encouraging energies and if you decide to join in the fun send me your pics or post them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social media you choose. Use #31DC2015 to show your work or just to take a look at what everyone is doing. Check for my first day challenge here on my blog tomorrow evening, or on my Pinterest account https://www.pinterest.com/paintsandpolish. See the 31 Da Nail Art Challenge 2015 board.
Ciao for now.

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