Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Few of My Faves: Peelable Liquid Nail Tape, AKA Liquid Latex

Hello lovely lacquered friends. Anyone who does nail stamping, water marbling or gradient nail art knows how messy the processes are, and how difficult clean up can be. So, some brilliant person(s) came up with the idea to make a liquid barrier that prevents you from polishing your skin. After trying out a few, I chose a favorite...

...and it's Simply Peel by Bliss Kiss. 

Not only does it apply easily and come off cleanly, in one piece, it also sparkles to let you know it's dry. Isn't that sweet? (insert sparkle and ting sound here.) There aren't a lot of drawbacks to this one. It's rubbery and sticky. No, I mean it's really sticky. The instructions warn you to be careful not to let your fingers touch because the product is sticky when dry. Failing to pay attention, I let my fingers gently brush against one another, and ended up pulling off half the application trying to unstick them. But re-applying it is not problem because it dries quickly and you get to see the sparkles again (insert sparkle and ting sound again.)

Although I'm quite satisfied with Simply Peel ($12.47 on the Bliss Kiss website, $14.99 on Amazon), I'm always on the look out for a cheaper twin, so I tried out something I found in the Born Pretty Store for $3.99. It's called  Liquid Palisade, and you can find it om Amazon too for about $5.

Although the Liquid Palisade is nothing like Simply Peel, it seems to work fine. Where the SP is rubbery and sticky, LP is more like Elmers glue.  It's not elastic, and it goes on and comes off sort of like glue. But it does come off cleanly, in one piece (which is most important.) Unfortunately, LP doesn't sparkle, Awwwww. But it smells good. Like something in a bakery. Mmmmm, honestly, it tempts you to taste it. But I wouldn't recommend it.

Which one will I stick with? I'll probably repurchase the SP because it's a good product. As for LP, I would purchase it again if I didn't find anything else in that price range that works better.

What's your favorite liquid tape?

Till next time, Ciao for now.

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