Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inspired by a Fabric Color Scheme

Hello, my decorated diget dolls,

First, I have to apologize for not having saved the picture that inspired me for this manicure, and the names of the polishes I used. But trust me, I was inspired by some sort of fabric color combo.

Second, I want to congratulate my son's team for making it to the playoffs. They worked very hard this season, getting up early for 6 am practice, and running those dreadful 17's (not exactly sure what those are, I just know that they hated it). I'm proud of them, I hope they win tonight, and I'm rooting for them when the real season starts in a couple weeks.

Ok, now on to the manicure.

I did a bit of advanced stamping on three nails and thumb, and painted my pinky with a polish by Nails Inc. that I found on sale at Ulta. I believe it was from the garden collection (don't quote me on that). The pink and blue polishes are by Cover Girl.

I'm still in the mood for fabrics and furnishings. I feel a chair coming on for tomorrow.
Ciao for now.