Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pretty Jelly Indie Polish Review: Chimera

Hello, my pretty pinkie polishers!

Today, I have a lovely indie polish by Pretty Jelly called Chimera from the fall 2015 Ultra Multichrome Flakie Collection. The collection consists of 12 sensational polishes that cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow. These polishes are chock full of flakie glitters that allow the polishes to shift colors and reflect light, creating a metallic sparkle effect. They do not require a base color, although a dark base will accentuate the color shift. Each bottle is $12.50 or you can buy the complete set of 12 colors on the Pretty Jelly Etsy store. I wouldn't wait too long, I think these will be a huge hit.

Let's take a look at Chimera.

Warm tones color shift

Cool tones color shift

This electrifying polish is hard to describe. I think I'd need a thesaurus to fully detail the intricate nature of the polish. But, I'll start with the color. The shifting and reflecting colors in Chimera, center around a green/gold/ that shifts to pink/copper/rust. When the colors shift to a metallic golden hue, and the light hits it just right, the reflective effect is stunning. This is a polish you could stare at and never get bored. The colors shift with the slightest movement of your hands. Definitely an attention grabber.`

Looking at the bottle, it's easy to see that the glitters and flakies are dense and evenly distributed. There was no separation in the consistency. The formula is very well done.

Liz, the owner and creator of Pretty Jelly suggests that you wear this polish over a black base for a full on effect, but let me tell you, this baby needs no help with opacity. In three coats, the polish is fully opaque, but, you could do with two. Often glittery polishes require a special application to evenly distribute the glitters and avoid clumping, but I didn't experience much difficulty with Chimera. It applied surprisingly easy. I used an initial light coat, then applied the second and third coats normally without any concern for coverage or glitter/flakie distribution. I loved the consistency which wasn't too thick, and definitely not runny. And the dry time was speedy. Excellent if  you want to look like you have an expensive time-consuming manicure, but only have a few minutes to spare.

First coat over a clear base

Two coats over a clear base

Three coats over a black base

Three coats over a black base
Pretty Jelly is entering it's third year in production and Liz is already looking to branch out into other beauty related products and expanding her repertoire of nail polishes. Among a myriad of beautiful colors, the brand also has a number of collections, including a 3-Year Anniversary Collection, 2015 Halloween collection, a Holographic collection, and the 2015 Ultra Multichrome Flakie Collection. According to Liz, several more collections are in the works. Be on the lookout for a Thanksgiving collection and a 2015 Winter/Holiday collection. I don't want to give it away, but her spring collection will celebrate the woman in you. 

Liz got her start as a nail polish blogger. After a few years of writing and growing her blog, she decided to take the leap and create her own 5-free nail polish brand. And she's done a fine job.

You can find Liz on her blog, Liquid Jelly, and
her Etsy store

Check out her Pretty Jelly web info site for places to purchase Pretty Jelly products. The brand has gone international and ships to Europe and Asia.

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  1. Wow! Chimera looks stunning on your long nails! Thank you so much for the lovely review.♥♥