Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Better Cup of Java: An Old Manicure, But Fitting

Hi Buttercups!
Yesterday's experience at the coffee house was less than satisfying. I admit that I'm one of the thousands of Starbucks Snobs who can only be satisfied by that special brew. Not my fault, I was forced into it. It was Hubby's fave and always in the house, so what choice did I have? That stuff is addictive. Well, the horrid gook that I suffered through yesterday, reminded me of a manicure I did over a year ago. So, I thought I'd search for it and show it to you today.  Also, it gives us a short break from my China Glaze whirlwind.

That was a fun manicure to do. Tomorrow, we're going back to China Glaze.
Au revoir!

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