Monday, November 23, 2015

China Glaze's 2015 Desert Escape Collection

Greetings Lacquer lovers,
I hope your weekend was enjoyable. I didn't come any closer to preparing for the holiday, but I enjoyed spending some quality time with friends.

I may have come to the end of my China Glaze Craze, so I'm finishing up with a vibrant summer collection that launched in June of this year.

I didn't commit to the full size bottles, instead, I got the mini set, and I'm glad I did. Collectively, the selection of colors was well thought out, but a couple of the colors were less than impressive on their own.

My favorite in the set is Meet Me in the Mirage. It's a bronzy gold with tons of metallic shimmer, and subtle pink undertones. It adds another dimension to the set which is dominated by cremes. Probably the least interesting is Don't Mesa With My Heart, which is a  pink cream. The formula is good, but the color isn't unusual, and it doesn't stand out in a line of pinks. The Heat Is On is a bright tomato red creme, and like the pink, it isn't unusual or different than other tomato reds. One color that does stand out, though, is Don't Desert Me which hovers between fuchsia and plum pink. It's my second favorite after Meet Me in the Mirage. Rain Dance the Night Away is a straight turquoise. Not a whole lot of description necessary, just simply a creme turquois. It's refreshing to see a basic creme done well, and it suits the collection perfectly. I think it completes the collection. It's usually a good idea to include a neutral or nude in a collection, so they included a light, clean sand color called What's She Dune. Initially, it seemed to be tossed in as an afterthought, but without it, the collection would be lacking.

As a whole, the Desert Escape collection is an attractive set. The packaging makes you want to pluck the set right off the shelf, but looking at the polishes independently, a few are easily overlooked and forgettable. The creators made wise choices in colors, but maybe a more diverse selection of finishes might make this "Ok" collection a "super" collection.

Thanksgiving is soon upon us, so I'm preparing a Thanksgiving Day manicure. Check back in a day or two. Until next time,
Ciao Bellas.

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