Thursday, November 5, 2015

Have You Had a Hand Massage?

Hi again friends,

With yesterday being Stress Awareness Day, I figured I'd touch on a technique that might be easily overlooked. Hand massages. Yes, it's a thing, really.
Of course, you've heard of them, maybe you have had one, but do you know the depth of study that goes into it. Can't you just grab a hand, squeeze it, and pull a few fingers? There's more to it than that.

For information on how to give a hand massage, check out these sites.

There are benefits to hand massages. For those who suffer with arthritis a regular hand massage may help to relieve the pain. Same goes for pain caused by repetitive tasks like typing.  Regular hand massages might also improve circulation, and range of motion in wrists and finger joints.

Guess what? It goes deeper. According to studies in reflexology, each of your fingers can affect a meridian that impacts the performance of specific parts of your body. This idea makes a hand massage much more than a stress relief technique.

Below, I've mapped out a rough generalization of areas of the body that are linked to each finger. Remember, I said this is just a generalization, and I have avoided any specific detail, otherwise I'd end up with a 20 page dissertation. This is a nail art blog after all, not a medical research publication.

Generalized Reflexology Chart
Do you get hand massages? If you don't or haven't, will you?
Ciao for now.

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