Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Is The Season For...Eye Shadow?

Hi Ladies,

During the holidays, if you're lucky, someone will say "What do you want for Christmas?" You quickly rattle off a list of things you've been coveting all year, or you say, "Just a gift card, thank you" Some of us believe that Christmas isn't just about presents and spending money, and ask for nothing at all. I'm not sure I fit completely in one category, but when Dad and the boys say "What do you want for Christmas?" I draw a complete blank. I don't understand it. All year I'm wishing I could have those funky shoes from DSW, or the latest laptop or camera (for my blog, of course), or a collection of polishes that are just outside my budget. But when you ask me for my wish list, my brain disappears, I hear crickets chirping inside my head, and dust balls gather and roll around in the vacant space where my brain was. Do you get the picture? I'm completely duhhhh. Well, I'm not letting that happen this year.  I'm going to make a list (not a mental one) of all my favorite things, and I'll share some of them with you. Today, I have makeup on my mind.

I'm by no means a makeup junkie, but I do have an eye shadow fetish. I just love them and have to have them. Palettes, singles, loose pigments, glitters, mattes, Ohhh I love them all. ALL I tell you!

[Pausing to calm down]

So, you might say that I like eye shadow. [sarcastic understatement]  I can't begin to list what I have, and I won't try to. I love MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay (ohhh Urban Decay) Smashbox, Lorac, Stila, Tarte, The Balm...and on and on. But, I find myself regularly wearing only one brand. Makeup Geek (MUG). I might love the others, but I'm addicted to Makeup Geek shadows. They beat out MAC any day. Yes! I said it, and I'm not taking it back. The formula is like butter, the colors are outstanding, and they're as pigmented as Urban Decay and Lorac! Yes, I said it, and I'm not taking that back either. And you know what else? MUG has the best collection of matte shadows you'll ever find, and they're about half the price of most high end brands. Marlena, the creator of Makeup Geek cosmetics, has outdone herself with her eye shadows. I started off purchasing just a few, and before I knew it, I had collected the majority of her collection. Today, I'm going to show you a few of my favorites.

I like a matte shadow on my brow bone. I used to use ABC Gum (Already Been Chewed... so cool) by Urban Decay. It was the perfect amount of creamy nude peach. But when I discovered Makeup Geek I fell in love with Peach Smoothie. I keep three (purse, home, office).

Two of my favorite nudes by Makeup Geek

I like to use a black matte shadow to darken my outer V or to use over my eye liner (liquid liner can be too shiny). Makeup Geek's Corrupt is hands down, the blackest of black shadows. Blacker than Mac's Carbon.

I love a shimmery gold for my lids. And I have to admit that Half Baked by Urban Decay just might give MUG a run for it's money. But there are several golds by Makeup Geek that I love like my favorite brand of coffee (which is Starbucks).

Gotta have a few strong colors to spice up your look. I'm a big fan of the nude look (especially for the office), but any chance I get, I want to sparkle and shine. For that, I have a few colorful favorites.

A Few From the Makeup Geek Foiled Collection

You can see some of these babies a mile away! That's an exaggeration, obviously. These pair up beautifully with neutrals.

I can't finish up without boasting the mattes. If you're not a fan of Urban Decays Basics palettes (all matte) you will without a doubt  love these.

This post was long enough so I'm going to wrap it up. If you haven't tried Makeup Geek shadows I encourage you to do so. Marlena just came out with a new set of loose pigments called Sparklers. I gotta hop on that.  And no, this isn't a paid advertisement, and Marlena didn't send product for me to review. I simply love Makeup Geek eye shadows. I'm glad that I don't have daughters, because touching my MUG is a sacrilegious act that might result in banishment. Just kidding...wait, let me think about that.

What are your experiences with this brand? Are you as smitten with them as I am? If you haven't tried them or heard of them, will you give them a try?

Till next time, Ciao Bella's.

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