Friday, December 11, 2015

Fashion Mode Mani: Gotta Accessorize

Hey there friends,
It's finally the weekend, time for shopping and errands. Have you started Christmas shopping? Are you already done, or are you somewhere in between? I have a few things to pick up still. My family doesn't do a lot of big shopping for Chistmas. Just a few nice, well deserved things. Only one of my kids is getting coal in his stocking this year. Just kidding, we don't put coal in stockings. Who actually does that? Mine get their coal wrapped under the tree, the message is more effective that way. Again, just kidding. No coal here. I don't know where to buy any.

Coco Kitty was exceptionally good this year. She only spit up on my carpet a few times. She'll be rewarded with grass...I mean weeds...You know what I mean. Catnip. What were you thinking I was talking about?! Let's keep this rated PG. My kids might read this. Who am I kidding? They don't read my blog. It's about nail polish, they're boys, they couldn't care less about it. They only care about League of Ledgend. Whatever that is.

Well, today's mani was inspired by some of womens' favorite accessories, shoes and purses. Can you tell I've been dreaming of a DSW gift card?

Does this manicure make you want to drop some big bucks on designer shoes and bags?

Ciao Bellas, happy shopping.

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