Thursday, December 3, 2015

Fast Food Frustration and a Teal Mani

Hi there friends,

I'm happy to post this teal manicure today because teal is my favorite color. Well, it's one of my favorite colors. I was inspired, once again, by room decor, and a frustrating drive-thru experience. Ok, the fast food had nothing to do with room decor or nail polish, but after failing to get my hands on my favorite food, I had to de-stress by flipping through pictures that led to this manicure.

Everybody who frequents drive-thru eateries has encountered a bad experience or two. Well, try three bad experiences in one day from three separate locations. The aforementioned restaurant will remain unnamed, because I'm sure not all of them suck.  Today, I had to have a southwestern salad that includes a fresh salad, a small cup of chili and a little bag of tortilla chips. My taste buds were screaming for it, my mouth salivated just thinking about it, and my stomach was on empty and letting me know of its discomfort.  I reached the first driv-thru ready to order and pay, but they didn't have my salad. I was disappointed, but not discouraged. There was another location across town. To my frustration, they didn't have my salad either. Ok, now I was getting mad and my angry stomach growled like a hungry bear. There was one last location in my area. They had to have my salad there because three locations not having the same meal is crazy and I'd have to blog about it.  I cannot tell you what sort of out of body experience I had when they told me they were out of southwestern salads.  I finally told them to just give me anį»³ salad, a small cup of chili and the same little bag of tortilla chips, all of which they did have. Is it just me or was this one of those times when a half dozen isn't available, but you can get six? So, you see how I ended up blogging about my frustrating fast food fail? When I finally sat down to have my non-southwestern salad with chili and chips (that come with a southwestern salad), I ran across this interior design photo. I loved the lattice design in the rug, and the decorative mirror and lamp shade seemed to complete the set.

I'm so fixated on furniture and interiors that maybe I should blog about that instead. I could be very happy living with these pieces in my living room. A girl can dream, right?
Till next time, Ciao Bellas.


  1. Love this mani!!! Sorry it was a rough day. Hope things are much better now.

  2. Thanks! Beggers can't be choosers, so I just have to cook my own food, lol