Monday, December 21, 2015

Sneak Peak: House Of Colour Collection by China Glaze

I just found out about the latest collection by China Glaze. The House of Colour Collection was inspired by creativity, self-expression and individual style. This set will include 12 polishes.

It seems they sell the collection in two mini sets of six each. One set is Roommates, the other is House of Colour. There's also a duo titled Glitter Me This, including the glitter polish of the same name, and the creme, Let's Chalk About It.  As more information is revealed I'll bring you whatever news I find.

Here are the names and finishes.
The Shimmers:

Shut The Front Door
Chrome Is Where The Heart Is
Come Rain Or Shine

The Cremes:

Sorry I'm Latte
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
Let's Chalk About It
About Layin' Out
Pink Or Swim
In The Near Fuchsia
Don't Be Shallow

The Glitters:

Glitter Me This
Moonlight The Night

Looking forward to seeing this collection.
Ciao Bellas


  1. Oh wow these all look really pretty! I'm loving the peachy shades near the middle!