Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Caviar Dreams...Or Rather Nightmares

Hi friends,
This is my first (and quite possibly my last) attempt at the caviar bead manicure. When I started out, I thought "This is kinda fun", then I thought "Ok, I guess this isn't so bad" later I thought "This is sooo tedious" and by the third finger I thought "Who the heck has time for this?!" I guess, I'm not the patient type. Maybe I should pack away the little microscopic nightmares and move on to something that I can handle. Like a simple gradient or my beloved glitters.  Next time, I'll stick to something I know.

As you can see, I'm having camera/lighting issues, but even in the best of situations, this baby is a big fat fail.  Now I can X off the cellophane broken glass fad from my list of manicures to try. After this caviar disaster, the cellophane deal isn't gonna happen. Not even on a good day.

If you're patient enough for caviar bead manicures, please send me some pointers and pics of your work. I could use some inspiration.

Ciao for now.

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