Friday, February 12, 2016

My Funny Valentine

Kiss kiss, mmmmwaaaahhh!  Can't have Valentines Day without the kisses. On the cheek, in a card, on those horrid little heart candies, or right on the smackeroo. So pucker up.  But, if you aren't into that (yes, there are people who hate kissing), then you can wave away the smooches with this manicure. They'll have all the kisses they need, and a hug too.
I'm surprised that the red on red showed up on camera, but I'm glad it did (I really didn't want to do it over).

I have no plans, no date, and nobody to kiss, for Valentines Day (boo hoo), but I've got something better. I get to spend quality time with my little guy...while his brother takes his girl on an expensive date...THAT I'M PAYING FOR!

What are your plans? Once again, I want to live vicariously through you.  Flowers, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, cards, balloons, dinner and dancing, or even those little nasty heart candies. I want to hear all about it all.
Ciao Bellas!  Have a fantastic Valentines Day. Mwwahhh.

I just realized that you can see the reflection of me taking the picture in the photo above. How's that for shiny?

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