Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pink Hearts for Valentine's Day

Hello Lovelies.
Today, I'm getting a head start on Valentines Day. Maybe it's just me, but Valentine's Day doesn't seem to be what it used to be. Maybe that's because I have sons and they don't care much about it. I asked my middle schooler if he was handing out cards or candy and he looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  I asked if he wanted chocolate hearts or something like that and he responded with "I'm not that into chocolate, Mom." So, I dropped the subject. I asked my high schooler what his plans were, and he very nonchalantly said that he was giving his sweetheart candy, "...of course, Mom, same as last year." So original, isn't he?  Again, that was the end of that conversation.

What happened to cute stuffed teddy bears and boxes of chocolate candy? What happened to those awful tasting heart candies that say "I love you" and "Be mine" on them? And the cute little cards? What happened to those? Tell me it's just me missing out. Tell me that Valentines Day isn't just another day to get consumers to spend money. Ok, I know that it is a consumer oriented occasion, but does anybody really truly celebrate Valentine's Day?

What are your plans for the day of love? Dinner and movies? Giant heart-shaped boxes of candy and roses? Can I celebrate vicariously through you?

Ciao for now.