Monday, February 29, 2016

Seche Vive Instant Gel Effect Top Coat: The New Seche Top Coat

Hi Friends,
Have I missed the boat here? Or is this really new? I came across this product by Seche Vive, maker of my beloved Seche Vite top coat (I swear by this stuff and buy in bulk!). The ad caught my eye because of the brilliant blue bottle, which I thought was a blue color polish. Upon closer review, I realized that this is a gel top coat. Is everyone jumping on the get top coat bandwagon?
This gel top coat is described as a "specially formulated fast drying top coat" that has the plumping effect of a "gel in a glossy, high shine finish without the use of a UV/LED light!" It removes easily with acetone or non acetone nail polish remover.  Yeah, I'd like to see that.

It promises...

 NO UV/LED lamp required
- Durable gel-like finish
- Fast drying
- Prolonged, intense shine
- Easy removal

On the website I saw it sold for 8.25 in British Pounds. The equivalent in dollars is $11.44.  The regular Seche Vite quick dry top coat sells for under $10 in most places.

It even comes in minis

I might have to give this one a try. Hmm, I wonder if I can get it in bulk too...

If you try out this top coat, please tell me what you think.  If you've already tried it, I'd love to hear your full review.
Ciao for now!

See my results post here.


  1. I bought some at a beauty supply today. My major complaint with the longer wearing polishes is that they are never as shiny as a gel or shellac manicure. This stuff is just about as shiny! I used it over OPI infinite shine polish and no other top coat can compare to this.

  2. Thanks, I'll give it a try and probably review it.