Saturday, March 26, 2016

Another Morgan Taylor Sneak Peak: Street Beat

Hi there ladies,
Does Morgan Taylor sell electronics now? Umm...looks that way. The new Morgan Taylor Street Beat Collection comes complete with a free wireless speaker. Well, that's new. The idea here is to rock out to music while polishing your nails with graffiti inspired polishes, maybe??? Ok, so maybe I'm not getting it, but the idea is cute anyway.  The collection includes six colors that are presumably inspired by street graffiti. I don't believe that many or any of the colors remind me of street graffiti, but like I said, the concept is...cute. So, let me see if I get this.  You have a selection of street graffiti inspired colors, the wireless mini speaker, representing a boom box (the 80's?) and there you have it - Street Beats.  Ok, I'm going to stop analyzing this. I think I'm over thinking this. I gotta let it go.

So, here are the not so graffiti colors.
Tag, You're It - a bright hot pink
Street Cred-ible - a yellow/orange cream
Cou-tour The Streets - lavender
B-Girl Style - bubble-gum-ish pink
Hip Hot Coral - a shimmery coral
Give Me A Break-Dance - a green teal

Umm...I'm really trying to work with this concept here, but a few of the names are cringe-worthy. The colors seem very pretty, but as for naming them, O.P.I. they are not!  But, it's about the polish, not the name, right? All in all, the collection is nice for the summer. If you have other ideas about the creative concept for this collection, please clue me in. Give me a better perspective here. Maybe I'm just missing my camera, and I'm just not able to be more subjective. Help me out here ladies.  Till next time, Ciao for now.

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