Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My Borgia Finale

Hello friends,
Today I have the last of my Borgia inspired manicures. My fascination with the family and the era led me to read one of the several books written about the family. When I said in my first post that the Showtime TV series was loosely based on the Borgia family, I didn't realize how loose. Let's just say that the names match up, but not much else. Not only does the show grossly distort what's truly known about the Borgias, but most of what is actually known is speculative at best. So, my curiosity is now sated, my obsession is over, but although I finished the book, I haven't finished watching the series. What will I watch after the Borgias?  The Tudors of course! Just kidding. I'm going to leave the 15th century in the 15th century.

Till next time, ciao Bellas!

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