Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Still On My Mind: The Infamous Borgias

Buongiorno, bonjour, Hola and hello friends,
I've been getting a history lesson watching The Borgias. I think I want to take an art class studying 15th century Roman Renaissance art and culture. I might want to sign up for a remedial art class as well. One where they start you off with the basics. You know, circles, squares and straight lines. I think there's a prerequisite for that one. It's called kindergarten, there might be age restrictions for that though.

In any case, I can still dream and I can still do nail art (no drawing required). Today I have part two of my Borgias segments. I'll go ahead and make this a mini series because I have one or two more ideas floating in my head.
Ciao Bellas!

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