Thursday, March 3, 2016

Too Hot To Touch: Marble Stripe Mani

Hi Lovelies,
I wish the weather here was as hot as this manicure, but it isn't. It's down right chilly! And I'm sitting outside on a windy train platform with no gloves (because I'm typing). Train, please get here!  Ok, so this is gonna be short. For this manicure I used polishes from two of my favorite brands. On the higher end, there's Zoya, and on the lower end there's my favorite drugstore brand, Sinful Colors.  I made a few stripes of these down the length of my nails, then used a small striping brush to pull the polishes widthwise across the nail. This was a super simple design, and I hope you enjoyed it.

Ciao Bellas!

Zoyas Jolie and Arizona, Sinful Colors Feel the Vibe and GoGo Girl


  1. Beautiful manicure, your marble turned out perfect! Makes me think of strawberries and mango, or something fruity and yummy! I have been doing a lot of dry marble manicures too lately! So much fun :)

  2. Thanks. They almost remind me of the swirls on the planets and the spot on Jupiter. But the fruits sound better :)