Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Are Vinyls Reuseable?

Hi Ladies,
I'm enjoying my new vinyls so I used them again for this manicure.  Negative space is pretty popular now, and I don't think I've done it before. I think it turned out nicely and I'll probably do it again. I've asked the question if vinyls can be reused and after a bit of quick research I found that basically they cannot. But, recently I encountered some that were advertised as reusable. I'm not sure how credible this claim is, but I'm very tempted to buy them just to see if the claim is true.  I really think they mean that it's "possible" to reuse them "if" it's been removed "gently'' and "if" it's in good enough condition to use again. I'm no expert, but in this case couldn't most companies claim that their vinyls are reusable?

If you have answers, please clue me in. Are vinyls reueable? If so, then which ones and what technique do you have to use?  If I buy some, and test their reuseability (is that a word?) you'll be the first to know how it turns out. Until then,
Ciao for now.

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