Thursday, April 7, 2016

Found my camera!!! ...oh, and A Cutesy Manicure

Hi friends,
I found my camera!  well my son did. <Thanks sweetie.>  I'm so relieved.  I had been using my cell phone camera, which I'm not very thrilled with.  It's simply not a Samsung. I don't have anything against LG, Windows, or that fruit one, um...blueberry?  No, it's blackberry. Right.  And I have nothing against  iphones, they're great. My son has Apple everything (Hubby was a certified appleholic.)  It's just that I'm a Samsung Girl who unfortunately got suckered into getting an LG, and who yearns desperately for another Samsung. Note 6! please.

Back to the subject, I (rather my son), found my camera and I'm happy again.
Now, on to the manicure.

I was in quite a happy mood (from being reunited with my Canon)  and I wanted to do something I ordinarily would't do. Polka dots. After two coats of red, I decided, , "what the heck" I pulled out a dotting tool and got to work. Last, I found a cutesy bow and stamped it on.

Now, me and Canon are gong to celebrate.
Ciao Bellas!

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