Monday, April 4, 2016

Hi Ladies,
I'm so glad to be back with you. I was down and out with the flu, and once I recovered, I had a heap of work,, and housework, and.... well everythng to catch up with.  Whew!  It's really good to be back and well.  Since I've been away, I haven't done a manicure for you.  Even now my phalanges are bare (Ohhh heaven forbid!).  My coworkers will know just how sick I've been for me to show up with no over-the-top design, worse yet, no polish at all. That's just not me. Anyway, I'm back now with an old manicure I had to dig up from a few years ago.

If time permits, 'll have a new manicure for you tomorrow.  Until then,
Ciao for now!

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