Saturday, April 16, 2016

Life's A Circus - Colors For The Big Top

Hello ladies,
As women, we strive to learn and perfect the art of multitasking. Not because we necessarily want to, but because we have to. We juggle our obligations to school, work, kids, parents, friends, spouses, and if we're lucky, ourselves. We are often like jugglers in a circus ring, with balls and bowling pins in one hand and fragile plates spinning on a stick in the other.  Our lives are colorful and full of surprises. And when time permits, entertaining and totally worth the chaos in the rings. Yes, we jump through a lot of hoops and fight to tame the beasts in our homes (and in our own heads). But, truth be told, when we finally get the monkeys off our backs, we sometimes miss the weight and look forward to the next round of shoving dear little clowns in mini vans and trapezing off to the next event. We may drop the ball on occasion because we aren't perfect, but as ringmasters, we're able to pull it all together again because the show must go on.

Today's manicure was inspired by the circus I'm living in. Lately, life has been like a circus, and I'm still adding more obligations to it like spinning plates. But I choose to stay balanced on that tightrope and spin those plates, and juggle batons of fire. Does that make me the clown?  Don't answer that, I'm speaking metaphorically of course.
Ciao bellas!

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