Friday, April 22, 2016

A Tribute To The Prince

Like millions of people around the world,  my heart is heavy with regret of losing a great icon.  Prince Rogers Nelson was in a musical genius class of his own, not to be compared to any other entertainer.  You may think I'm going overboard here,  but for me,  there will never be another like him.  Upon hearing of his death, I knew I had to honor him with a purple Princely manicure.  So, I dried my tears and got to work.  You guys know I have the artistic ability of a piece of paper,  but I pulled together every drop of skill and channeled the hidden artist in me for this manicure.  Funny, I can't write my own name legibly,  but I didn't do so bad with his symbol.

This polish was renamed in his honor.  Electric Rain, formerly known as Electric Nights dedicated to The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

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