Monday, May 30, 2016

O.P.I.-athon: Memorial Day Tribute: Going My Way Or Norway?

Going My Way Or Norway?

Good Memorial Day Morning O.P.I. lovers,
Our O.P.I.-athon will not break because of holiday festivities. No, instead we're honoring the men and women who served our country.  Pools open, and the kiddies are wrapping up the school year soon, but this is the day to remember those who served in the U.S Armed Forces. I live near an army base, and here, we do just that. Which leads us to my contribution to this holiday of observance.

Going My Way Or Norway? is the perfect mannequin hand match for me. I lucked up on it by accident and fell in love immediately.  It's the perfect neutral for showcasing a little patriotism. Did I overdo it a bit? Yup, I did, but if it''s not overdone, then it just wouldn't be me, would it?

Because this short series is to delve into the world of O.P.I., here's a little not-so-well known fact.  O.P.I. is sold in more than 75 countries around he globe. Not so hard to believe, but did you know that they fill about 150,000 nail lacquers each day, about 55 million bottles a year? I'll let you know how they do it when I start working there. They don't know it yet, but they're getting a new hire soon. I just need to put in my two week notice.  Then I'm off to sunny CA.

Until next tme, Ciao for now!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

O. P. I. - athon: Withstands The Test Of Thyme

Hi ladies, gents, family and friends,
For the first polish featured in our O.P.I.-athon, I chose a beautiful summery green cream polish named Withstands The Test Of Thyme.  This polish is a favorite for two reasons. First, it reminds me of a garden trellis scene complete with chirping birds and butterflies. It's a refreshing color that makes you want to sip lemonade on the front porch or on the patio. The second reason why I love this polish so much is because of its name. O.P.I. is famous for choosing names that are fitting to the color, whitty, puns, commical, creative, naughty, delightful and just plain old fun. Hands down, they own the Polish Naming award (if there were such a thing).

Choosing colors is serious business for this company. It's heavy, laborious work if traveling to great places, being sequestered for eight hours in top secret brainstorming sessions (and eaing cultural foods, ) sounds like heavy labor to you. What goes on in these top secret sessions? Probably a whole lot of laughter and fun when you consider the outcome. I sure would love to be a fly on the wall. Better yet, I'd be more than willing to work for them for free.  Yes, FREE!  That means I would pay my own traveling expenses and hotel and sit for eight hours or more even if I could only sit  outside the meeting room door. HEY O.P.I. FREE LABOR OVER HERE!!!!!!  I'll scrub your floors, empty your trash.  I do windows too!! I think I'm going to send them a letter begging them to work there for no pay and do anything, even the jobs that nobody else wants to do. I wish I could say that I was just joking, but....

Until I'm recruited to work for O.P.I., I'll keep posting and sticking with my day job.
Ciao for now.

[Correction: O.P.I. polish naming brain children might not actually travel to theses great places, but their hours long secluded polish naming sessions are probably a close second.]

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Next up...O.P.I.-athon! Featuring...O.P.I. Of Course

Hi Friends,
This week as I searched through my stash of coveted polishes, I had a hard time choosing one to use for my next manicure. I realized that all of the polishes I considered using were by O.P.I. So, of course the wheels in my mind went 'Hmmm'. Then an idea came to me. Why don't I use them all?  There were five in all, and I figured that I could do a manicure for each of them. Sounds like an O.P.I-athon to me!

Here's how I plan to do it. Each post will feature one of my favorite polishes by O.P.I. I'll span it out over a week or two. Simple, uncomplicated, and fool-proof.

[I featured Zoya polishes for Zoya Week last year.]

If you're a lover of O.P.I., then check in regularly for new posts featuring O.P.I.
Until then,
Ciao for now!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Biker Chick Manicure

Hi friends,
Today I'm enjoying watching the rain fall outside my uptown office window (neighorhood Starbucks).  Sometimes the rain can be so soothing, and this is that type of rain. Reflecting on my week I think this was a good one. I got a lot of work done at the job, and at home. I got though prom, and I've been checking things off my To Do list (slowly, but surely). I had some enjoyable moments as well. I hung out with a few of my YouTube friends, and I'm looking forward to a grown up play date next week in a YT friend's makeup room.  Can't wait. (I promise I won't go to Ulta, Sephora or MAC to buy more makeup. I promise, I promise, I promise...this is my mantra for the week)

Awww, budget be damned, I'm gonna get me some makeup! A girl can never have too much eyeshadow. UD here I come!

But really, even though this rain today is cleansing and refreshing, I'm inclined to think of hopping on a motorcycle and riding off into the sunset. I call this manicure Biker Chick. A hot purple blend glitter over a sweet neon pink. Add matte black vinyls and silver studs, and voila!! A perfect manicure for a biker chick.

Anybody here a biker chick? I see more and more ladies on the road each year. Girl power!
Ciao Bellas!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

"B" For Bored

Today's manicure is brought to you by the letter "B"
...for boring.

Ladies, you know that I love glitter, rhinestones and all things sparkly. If it's overdone, I love it.  If it's outrageous or gaudy, then I'm probably wearing it.  If it's just on the side of ugly, I might like it (especially shoes, there's no limit with shoes).  But today, I went outside of myself. I channeled simplicity and went for a sedate manicure.  Ok, it's a little laid back for me.  However, I'm proud of myself for overcoming my fear of plain.

Since I've achieved my goal of plain and simple, I can at least show a few pairs of not-so-simple shoes that I like, and would wear if I weren't already a million feet tall. Ok, here we go.

I say YES! to these!

And I say NO! to this.

I admit that I have a whole lot of NO'S and too few of YES!  But, If I weren't a trillion miles tall (wait, just a second ago I was a million feet tall. What happened?) I would wear 6" stacked heels and destroy my feet before I turned 50.  I can make up for that, though, in makeup, jewelry and nail art.

What fashion do you go all out for? Nails, hair, accesories, shoes, makeup, purses...Leave me a comment and we can share our obsessions.
Ciao Bellas!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Private Unreleased Transcripts From An Undisclosed Locaion


Participants in what you are about read are in no way liable to scrutiny. Any comments will not hold in a court of law.  Any (mean) comments you leave can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent and be erased. So be nice.

Dark Days

Where: My house
When: this moring
Who: me and teen

Son:  Ma, Im sick. I can't go to school today.

Mother:  What's wrong?

(Son steps into mother's room to reveal slightly puffy eyes.)

Son: Look.

(Mother peers at son's face.)

Mother: Uh hu, so what's wrong?

Son: I'm sick.  Look at my eyes.

Mother: Ok. So what's wrong?

Son: Ma, come on. You can't make me go to school today.

Mother: Why not? What's wrong?

(Son becomes agitated.)

Son: Ma!  Really? You're going to make me go to school like this? (pointing at face) My nose is clogged up. I can't breath, and my eyes are running!

Mother: Take your allergy medicine, get your clothes on, let's get ready to go. Your eyes are not red or runny, your nose needs to be blown, and then your breathing will be fine. Now brush your teeth, wash your face and make sure your brother's up.

Son: Ma! that's not right! You can't make me go to school!

Mother:  Ok, so, you want to stay home because you have tryouts after school and you don't want to go.

Son: That's not it. Look at me, I'm sick!

Mother: ...and you don't think you should have to try out because tryout's are a formality for you because you're already first string varsity.  Plus you don't have school tomorrow and you want to have a two-day mini-vacation.

(Son looks blank and has nothing to say because he's been caught.)

Mother: Now get your clothes on and get ready. You have 25 minutes. Don't waste time. Let's go.

As previously stated, participants are not liable to scrutiny. Any (mean) comments you make regarding the mother in the above transcripts being mean, unfair, wrong, cruel, unjust, evil, insane, or needs to be flogged, inprisoned, or should be reported to social services, will be removed.

These are dark days people. If we let this teen trickery go by, when will it end? When will we stand up as one and put a stop to this behavior?! Are we going to wait until it's too late, and we're faced with lies regarding doing homework, getting off the computer when told, or eating vegetables!  I say we have to do just what this mother in these transcripts did. We have to stand our ground! Catch the untruths and bring them to light.

Now who's with me?

...anybody? I in this by myself?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Prom Revisited

Hi friends,

Yesterday's zen moment is officially over and I'm back. Got my cake face on, my hair is out of its ponytail, and my nails are once again fierce. Bold blue, a touch of holo action and of course, rhinestones (it was either that or glitter, and rhinestones won). I'm out of my drab gray sweats, and I'm totally recognizable. Looking good, feeling good, and all ready to go to...drum roll please...nowhere. Maybe the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner, drop my kid off at practice...uh, yeah, gotta fill the gas tank...yup, that's about it.

But that's ok, because I'm living my life vicariously through my kid. Prom was great!. I had ...I mean, they had a ball.  Most importantly, they looked fantastic! She was a beautiful Barbie Doll Princess, and he was all Men in Black, minus the shades and the alien demolishing weapons.

Guys, seriously, I wish you could see my dress...I mean her dress. Any description I give would be an injustice to the dress. Just know that it was fab!

The afterparty at D&B was so much fun. We...I mean they hopped from one game to the next, wining so many tickets until we couldn't...I mean, they couldn't hold any more.

I can't wait for next year's prom.  I'm going, wait. I'm not really going. They are. Well, another chance for me to look back at my proms and dream about the good old days. Ugh, I sound like I'm a hundred.  That's ok, because one day I will be, and I'll look back at the good old days long ago, when my kids went to prom.

What do you remember about your prom?  If you haven't gone yet, then what are you planning to wear? How will you do your makeup.  Most importantly, how are you doing your nails?

Ciao for now.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Zen Moments

Hi friends,
It might not sound like it, but I'm having a zen moment so I decided to post a zen manicure today. You may not agree that sitting at Starbucks, my uptown office/getaway, and drinking a super pumped up Venti could be soothing and restful. But after my week, this is bliss.

My cares and concerns are far away from my mind. It doesn't bother me that I'm not wearing a stitch of makeup, or jewelry (except for my fitbit, of course). My hair is a mess, and I'm wearing sweats (gray, of all colors). I don't care that half my friends in the neighborhood will pass through here and say "hey, Court, is that you?" Ha! there's somebody now...didn't even recognize me, secluded in my cozy corner, feet up, tablet in lap.

Ahhhhh. This is heaven. My heart is racing from the caffeine, but I'm considering ordering my free Venti now.

I'm enjoying this moment. And my day is going to get even better because at noon, I'll go home and start prepping my son and "adopted" daughter for their prom tonight.

Exciting for me because I get to do nails and makeup and enjoy girly talk that I miss since I don't have daughters. This will be fun, especially since she's a girly girl like me. I can't wait to see her dress. She's going to be gorgeous by the time her mom and I finish with her. That won't be hard because she's a beautiful young lady.  

Shout out to my kids and all their friends attending prom tonight. Be safe, have fun, and bring home lots of pics. I'm going to relive my teenage years through you.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Didn't Quite Cut The Mustard... Or Maybe It Did


Hi friends,

Can you see where I was going with this?  How was this supposed to work? What was I thinking?  Turned out more mustard than fuchsia. Looks like I didn't quite cut the mustard (excuse the pun, still coming down from yesterday's pun-capade).

You know how sometimes you want to match your nail design to your outfit?  But somehow The Order Of Nail Art Designs (not to be confused with The Order of Water Buffalos) doesn't grant you permission.  So you're left with a nice manicure that has no resemblance to your outfit. What do you do? Change your outfit? Right, like you're going to take that wedding gown back hours before you say "I do". Or in my case, go find a mustard color outfit (which I don't think I own).
Nope, you just gotta go with it. Nobody but you guys know that I screwed up.

I started out with good intentions.  A fuchsia base color, then a little purple glitter polish, orange glitter polish, a touch of yellow cream polish, and a smidgen of holo... now I see where I went wrong. Ok, so poor choice of colors. I should have actually looked at the skirt rather than paint by memory. Orange, yellow? Where did those come from?

The pattern was all wrong too. It should have had a more southwestern look, not the swirly spot on Jupiter. I didn't think this out, did I? (rhetorical question, don't answer that)
Big fail...but it looks nice if you don't consider what I was actually going for.

I have to try this again, wish me luck.
Ciao for now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seche Vive Gel Top Coat...The Results Are Out!

Hello friends,
In a previous post, I expressed enthusiasm over a new top coat by Seche. You can read my post here.

After numerous calls to Sally's and Ulta stores within a 25 mile radius of my home, I finally got my hands on a bottle, two bottles actually, (my expecations were high so I bought the only two on the shelf).  I happened across them at my local Ulta, the one that I pay rent to because I spend more time there than my own home.  When my boys can't find me, they know I'm at Ulta doing beauty "research" for my blog and for a few YouTube friends.  By the way YT ladies (you know who you are) as hard as I tried to avoid the new UD Through The Looking Glass line, I got weak and grabbed Mad Hatter lipstick, we'll talk later.

Ok, I get a little off track when I talk about makeup. It's another obsession of mine.  Anybody want to discuss UD, MAC, MUG...I'm your girl.

First Impression:

Back to Seche Vive. I couldn't wait to get home to try it, so, I coated a few nails in my car. First impression, BIG WINNER!  It was shiny and it was dry before I pulled out the parking lot (after staring at the glossy shine for a minute).  The consistency was thinner than Seche Vite, but the dry time was incredibly fast. Faster than it's predecessor. I rushed home where I planned doing more thorough testing, but got caught up in real life stuff and set it aside.

Second Impression:

After using the top coat to finish a few manicures, here's what I discovered. Q&A.
What they profess seems to be true. It requires no UV/LED lamp. It dries fast and removes easily. As for durablity and wear time I can't say (see below).

Do I like it?
Yes, I definitely like it. I'd say I love it.

How easily does it come off?
The company claims that up it's a gel that removes like a regular polish. I first tried using 100% acetone and it came off the same as the Seche Vite. I didn't have any regular polish remover, so I tried non-acetone remover, and it came off just as easily as the Seche Vite.

Did it shine and did it have the "plump" gel affect?
Not really. It did shine, but as for the "plump" affect, I didn't see it.

How long does it last, how durable is it?
That's the only question I can't answer. I haven't tested it's wear time because I never wear the same manicure more than three or four days, not long enough to determine. I don't think trying it on the toes would be fair because polishes last on my toes for weeks, maybe longer.

Would I buy it again?
Abslolutely! But...I gotta throw a but in there.  I love it and would buy it again if and only if, I can buy it in bulk like I do the Seche Vite.

I saw the original one on Amazon for $7.50. The price is definitely dropping.  I found the new Seche Vive Gel top coat for $5.95 at the Premier Nail Source here.  I would buy whichever was most easily available and had the lowest price.

Would I choose it over Seche Vite?
Whichever is available and cheaper.

Overall, I found the dry time between the two top coats the same - both fast.  I couldn't see a difference in the shine - both make a super shiny manicure. I found a difference in the consistensy, though. The Seche Vive is a little thinner. Those who have a problem with thick polish might find the Seche Vive Get top coat a better choice.

If I put on a blindfold, I couldn't tell you which top coat went on which finger.

So, my final thoughts are that I love it, but it's no better or worse, or that much different than it's predecessor.
Ciao for now.

Peachy leftover from Too Faced Peachy Palette

Hi ladies,
Yesterday I threw a curve ball and posted about the new Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Sorry, had to do it, and I just might do it again.  So tell me what you think about that. Do you want to see a little face paint tossed in with the nail paint?

Today, I'm feeling just peachy (peach pun). I promised a nail design, and today I'm gonna deliver. I used Is Mai Tai Crooked? (fab name), from the O.P.I Spring 2015 Hawaii Collection, and a bit of Skylark by Sinful Colors for my ring fingers.

You guys know how much I love MdU, so I used their Orange and Geranium for the peaches. The colors all work great together.  Luckily for you, I don't have a lot of peach or orange polishes in my arsenal, and I'd and run into a pitfall (last pun, I promise) if I wanted to do a similar look. Just letting you know that in case it was a little fuzzy (I had to go there).  Boy am I corny today, (at least I moved on to vegetables). Maybe tomorrow I'll do a celery green or eggplant purple. How about a tomato red...but, isn't tomato a fruit?

Catch you guys later, and of course,
Ciao for now.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Much Coveted Too Faced Peach Palette...Yes, I got It!

Hello Ladies,

Here it is, this is it!  The much sought after, almost impossible to find, Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. Yup I got it and I want to discuss this palette. You know I don't usually review makeup (although if I see interest in my  makeup review, then I will gladly review some now and then, and by request) So, those of you who want manicure designs, sorry, not today. Later this week, I promise.

First, I need to tell you how I got it, (A little light humor). If you don't care to hear the story, (I won't be mad) then scroll down to the nitty gritty. 

The hunt:

Patience is a virtue, but ambition and aggression will get you what you want. I had previously swatched the colors and thought, "OMG! I have to have this!" then in my search (because Ulta didn't have it), I realized it was a hot commodity and I might have to do a little work to get it. Thanks to my new BFF at Ulta "thanks girl!, I'll see you next week" I got the inside scoop that they would have three and only three on Mothers Day. I knew I wasn't the only one who wanted it so I planned to be at the door before they opened, and thank goodness I was.

A group of us stood outside Ulta at 10:55 eager to get in.  I knew they were after the Peach palette. I could read the desperation it in their eyes.  The hunger, The exctement. The willingness to cut each others throat to be the first in the door. I positioned myself so that I'd be second, if not first, because there were more than three of us anxiously hoping from one foot to the other like we're going to wet our pants. I was number two. I didn't want to run down the woman in front of me.  I mean really, It's just makeup afterall. (Of course I'm being sarcastic, are you kidding?!? Makeup + brushes and tools = Reason for living).

The nano second the door opened, we mowed down the poor consultant (so sorry, I hope you're healing well), Note to self: send a get well card.

I ran over to the Too Faced section.  No kidding, I ran.  We all did. We were eager, hungry, and desperate. To our horror, the space was empty.  EMPTY! We weren't upset. We weren't disappointed. We wern't even angry. No, we were going to riot up in there and tear that store apart until they gave us our peach palettes! The cashier saw what was about to go down and knew she had to thwart our plans for destruction. She didn't have to ask. She didn't have to say a word. She knew what we wanted. She just needed to get the darn thing in our hands before we exploded. She sprinted over to us, treasures in hand, announcing "ok, ok, who was first."  Woman number one quickly said that she was first, immedietly I called second.  And honestly, I don't care who said what after that. I don't care who got the last one or who the unlucky ones were who went home empty handed.  Sorry, but it was a hunt, and there was only going to be three winners. I was one of them and that's all that mattered. Now, as I think back, and sympathy kicks in, do I feel regret for the poor women who didn't get a palette?...nope, still don't care. Ha!

I couldn't wait to get home, so in my car, I opened the peachy box to smell the beautiful aroma.  Yes, it smells like fresh, sweet peaches. Ahhhh. I'm still sniffing it now. If I could convince the Computer Gods to transmit the smell to you, though your devices, I would.

The nitty gritty:

 I've had two days to play around with the palette. That's not a lot of time to decide if it was just hype, or if it's really a good palette. Some people I've seen on YouTube like it. Some are on the fence.  I wonder how many of the enthusiastic buyers will reverse their opinion in time.  It happens.  You go gaga over a palette, then you think "hmmm, really I could have done without this one."

Here's what I think.  Keep in mind that I have light brown skin, so it might work differently on me than on someone with darker or lighter skin tones. And I admit that my camera doesn't do the palette justice. The colors are much warmer than shown below. The first picture above, is a better example.

A few of the colors on the left side of the palette, the lighter side, didn't show up so well on me. The mattes were a bit chalky, and the shimmers could have been bolder. For a lighter tone person, these nine would be great.

The right side of the palette had deeper colors. I had some difficulty with these too. Three, were matte, and two others might as well have been.  The mattes didn't blend as well as I've experienced with other companies.

The palette is very soft, and the lighter, peachier colors take some work to build up to a good visible look. I think this might be true for most skin tones because I saw it on a lighter tone woman and it was almost unnoticeable. I think the company was going for a soft, gentle look, and they succeeded. It would take a lot to create a bold look with this palette, unless you were using several of the darker ones. The lighter colors just weren't very buildable.  The darker colors were very flat and actually had brown undertones rather than warmer red ones that this palette could have had.  The one reddish one, Delectable, came off brown, just as brown as the other dark colors.

I think I've pointed out quite a few negatives, but let's do a Q&A.

Is it wearable?
Yes. You won't get a lot of creative looks from this palette, but if you want a soft look, like for a younger person who doesn't want to look garish, then this palette is fine. For a bolder look you would need to use the darker colors, and have a flatter brown look.

How is the consistency and formula? 
Honestly, I found the mattes a little chalky.  Nowhere as chalky as Urban Decays Basics Palette, though. As much as I love UD, I have to say their mattes are the chalkiest. I was expecting more from the darker tones. I wanted warmth and color distinction, so I was a little disappointed to see that on me, most of them were flat browns. The shimmers were great, but not as strong as I prefer. If you're used to UD shimmers, then you might be disappointed with these. No punch, no kick.

How about the colors:
Makeup Geek shadows are more true to color. If it's a shimmery olive in the pan, then it looks shimmery olive on you. Or if it's a dark red plum in the palette then it's going to be similar when you wear it. I think the darker colors in this collection look different from one another and attractive in the pan, but were flat and indistinctive when worn. A few were close to smudged dirt. To me, drugstore shadows are like that and I don't  like paying $49 for shadows that are barely a step up from drugstore.  Their choice in colors would be fine if they looked the same when I applied them.

Are the colors blendable?
Mostly, yes. The darker mattes were not quite as blendable as the others, but that's sometimes the nature of dark mattes. All the other colors were nicely blendable.  Makeup Geek mattes are the best I've found. they're blendable and buttery...and they're only $6.  I'm just saying.

Was the packaging satisfactory? 
Yes. I was very happy with the packaging. The tin was most similar to to the Chocolate Bon Bons Palatte, and thinner than the Chocolate Bars.  There was no brush included - no problem. Not a necessity. Many times you never use the brush that come with the palettes anyway.  I loved the magnetic closure and I wish more brands did this. The mirror was a plus. I think all palettes need one for on the go.  As I mentioned above, the scent is terrific.

Am I glad I bought it and will I use it? 
The thrill of the hunt and anticipation was fun. I think it's a nice soft neutral palette for lighter skin tones. I probably won't reach for it often. But I can make most shadows work, so, I will probably use it...maybe. I admit that I'm REALLY stuck on MUG and UD.  I show all kinds of enthusigasm when reviewing those shadows. It takes a lot to pull me away from reaching for my MUG shadows. A whole lot.
If I could make the choice again, knowing what I know now, would I buy it?
No. I can do so much more with other palettes and pans until this one is insignificant in comparison.

Should you buy it?
If you have lighter skin and want a soft refreshing look, or a deep brown look, then yes, definitely. If you have darker toned skin, this might not be the palatte for you, unless you want a flat brown look. I could suggest some MUG shadows though...all of them!

Even though I pointed out quite a few negative points, overall, the palette isn't bad. Limited, but not bad. My review was critical, but I wanted to give you my honest opinion.

If I find someone who wants to buy it, I would sell it. I'm just not likely going to use it. If I keep it, I'll revisit it someday and think "This isn't bad" and combine it with other shadows, but not just the palette by itself.

That's it. Have you tried this palette?  Would you after this review? And last, do you want me to review more makeup products in the future? Comment comment comment. I love comments!

Ciao Bellas!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sammy, What Happened?! -- A Marble Tutorial Recreation

Hi friends,
Recently, I watched a video tutorial by Sammy at The Nailasaurus.  In her video, Sammy recreated a beautiful marble effect manicure. She did a fantastic job using her own method. The tutorial was simple, and she made it look so easy to do. Sooooo, why couldn't I do it?!? Ok, in all honesty, I have a hard time following instructions. I always want to go off the beaten path.  For this reason I can't do simple things like cook, since it requires you to follow a recipe or at least repeat what you did the last time. For me, most wins are a one time only, because I don't follow instructions.

I need to work on that...

Anyway, although I didn't recreate Sammy's look, I did come up with my own (probably one time only) marble look mani. I think it turned out pretty nice, but when I attempted to do the other hand, my one time only thing kicked in and it turned out a complete mess. No photo of that. I don't want to destroy my reputation and have you guys thinking I need to go back to kindergarten (I'm still searching for kindergarten art classes for adults. If you hear of one in the DC area, let me know.)

I think I'll give this marble thing another day.
Now, I'm going to go find another tutorial to ruin.
Ciao bellas!