Saturday, May 21, 2016

Biker Chick Manicure

Hi friends,
Today I'm enjoying watching the rain fall outside my uptown office window (neighorhood Starbucks).  Sometimes the rain can be so soothing, and this is that type of rain. Reflecting on my week I think this was a good one. I got a lot of work done at the job, and at home. I got though prom, and I've been checking things off my To Do list (slowly, but surely). I had some enjoyable moments as well. I hung out with a few of my YouTube friends, and I'm looking forward to a grown up play date next week in a YT friend's makeup room.  Can't wait. (I promise I won't go to Ulta, Sephora or MAC to buy more makeup. I promise, I promise, I promise...this is my mantra for the week)

Awww, budget be damned, I'm gonna get me some makeup! A girl can never have too much eyeshadow. UD here I come!

But really, even though this rain today is cleansing and refreshing, I'm inclined to think of hopping on a motorcycle and riding off into the sunset. I call this manicure Biker Chick. A hot purple blend glitter over a sweet neon pink. Add matte black vinyls and silver studs, and voila!! A perfect manicure for a biker chick.

Anybody here a biker chick? I see more and more ladies on the road each year. Girl power!
Ciao Bellas!


  1. Love it! This mani rocks! Love the color and design especially the studs.

  2. Thanks Jessica, I had fun with this one. I bought vinyls on ebay and wanted to try them out.