Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Didn't Quite Cut The Mustard... Or Maybe It Did


Hi friends,

Can you see where I was going with this?  How was this supposed to work? What was I thinking?  Turned out more mustard than fuchsia. Looks like I didn't quite cut the mustard (excuse the pun, still coming down from yesterday's pun-capade).

You know how sometimes you want to match your nail design to your outfit?  But somehow The Order Of Nail Art Designs (not to be confused with The Order of Water Buffalos) doesn't grant you permission.  So you're left with a nice manicure that has no resemblance to your outfit. What do you do? Change your outfit? Right, like you're going to take that wedding gown back hours before you say "I do". Or in my case, go find a mustard color outfit (which I don't think I own).
Nope, you just gotta go with it. Nobody but you guys know that I screwed up.

I started out with good intentions.  A fuchsia base color, then a little purple glitter polish, orange glitter polish, a touch of yellow cream polish, and a smidgen of holo... now I see where I went wrong. Ok, so poor choice of colors. I should have actually looked at the skirt rather than paint by memory. Orange, yellow? Where did those come from?

The pattern was all wrong too. It should have had a more southwestern look, not the swirly spot on Jupiter. I didn't think this out, did I? (rhetorical question, don't answer that)
Big fail...but it looks nice if you don't consider what I was actually going for.

I have to try this again, wish me luck.
Ciao for now.

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