Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Next up...O.P.I.-athon! Featuring...O.P.I. Of Course

Hi Friends,
This week as I searched through my stash of coveted polishes, I had a hard time choosing one to use for my next manicure. I realized that all of the polishes I considered using were by O.P.I. So, of course the wheels in my mind went 'Hmmm'. Then an idea came to me. Why don't I use them all?  There were five in all, and I figured that I could do a manicure for each of them. Sounds like an O.P.I-athon to me!

Here's how I plan to do it. Each post will feature one of my favorite polishes by O.P.I. I'll span it out over a week or two. Simple, uncomplicated, and fool-proof.

[I featured Zoya polishes for Zoya Week last year.]

If you're a lover of O.P.I., then check in regularly for new posts featuring O.P.I.
Until then,
Ciao for now!

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