Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Private Unreleased Transcripts From An Undisclosed Locaion


Participants in what you are about read are in no way liable to scrutiny. Any comments will not hold in a court of law.  Any (mean) comments you leave can and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent and be erased. So be nice.

Dark Days

Where: My house
When: this moring
Who: me and teen

Son:  Ma, Im sick. I can't go to school today.

Mother:  What's wrong?

(Son steps into mother's room to reveal slightly puffy eyes.)

Son: Look.

(Mother peers at son's face.)

Mother: Uh hu, so what's wrong?

Son: I'm sick.  Look at my eyes.

Mother: Ok. So what's wrong?

Son: Ma, come on. You can't make me go to school today.

Mother: Why not? What's wrong?

(Son becomes agitated.)

Son: Ma!  Really? You're going to make me go to school like this? (pointing at face) My nose is clogged up. I can't breath, and my eyes are running!

Mother: Take your allergy medicine, get your clothes on, let's get ready to go. Your eyes are not red or runny, your nose needs to be blown, and then your breathing will be fine. Now brush your teeth, wash your face and make sure your brother's up.

Son: Ma! that's not right! You can't make me go to school!

Mother:  Ok, so, you want to stay home because you have tryouts after school and you don't want to go.

Son: That's not it. Look at me, I'm sick!

Mother: ...and you don't think you should have to try out because tryout's are a formality for you because you're already first string varsity.  Plus you don't have school tomorrow and you want to have a two-day mini-vacation.

(Son looks blank and has nothing to say because he's been caught.)

Mother: Now get your clothes on and get ready. You have 25 minutes. Don't waste time. Let's go.

As previously stated, participants are not liable to scrutiny. Any (mean) comments you make regarding the mother in the above transcripts being mean, unfair, wrong, cruel, unjust, evil, insane, or needs to be flogged, inprisoned, or should be reported to social services, will be removed.

These are dark days people. If we let this teen trickery go by, when will it end? When will we stand up as one and put a stop to this behavior?! Are we going to wait until it's too late, and we're faced with lies regarding doing homework, getting off the computer when told, or eating vegetables!  I say we have to do just what this mother in these transcripts did. We have to stand our ground! Catch the untruths and bring them to light.

Now who's with me?

...anybody?....hello....am I in this by myself?

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