Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Seche Vive Gel Top Coat...The Results Are Out!

Hello friends,
In a previous post, I expressed enthusiasm over a new top coat by Seche. You can read my post here.

After numerous calls to Sally's and Ulta stores within a 25 mile radius of my home, I finally got my hands on a bottle, two bottles actually, (my expecations were high so I bought the only two on the shelf).  I happened across them at my local Ulta, the one that I pay rent to because I spend more time there than my own home.  When my boys can't find me, they know I'm at Ulta doing beauty "research" for my blog and for a few YouTube friends.  By the way YT ladies (you know who you are) as hard as I tried to avoid the new UD Through The Looking Glass line, I got weak and grabbed Mad Hatter lipstick, we'll talk later.

Ok, I get a little off track when I talk about makeup. It's another obsession of mine.  Anybody want to discuss UD, MAC, MUG...I'm your girl.

First Impression:

Back to Seche Vive. I couldn't wait to get home to try it, so, I coated a few nails in my car. First impression, BIG WINNER!  It was shiny and it was dry before I pulled out the parking lot (after staring at the glossy shine for a minute).  The consistency was thinner than Seche Vite, but the dry time was incredibly fast. Faster than it's predecessor. I rushed home where I planned doing more thorough testing, but got caught up in real life stuff and set it aside.

Second Impression:

After using the top coat to finish a few manicures, here's what I discovered. Q&A.
What they profess seems to be true. It requires no UV/LED lamp. It dries fast and removes easily. As for durablity and wear time I can't say (see below).

Do I like it?
Yes, I definitely like it. I'd say I love it.

How easily does it come off?
The company claims that up it's a gel that removes like a regular polish. I first tried using 100% acetone and it came off the same as the Seche Vite. I didn't have any regular polish remover, so I tried non-acetone remover, and it came off just as easily as the Seche Vite.

Did it shine and did it have the "plump" gel affect?
Not really. It did shine, but as for the "plump" affect, I didn't see it.

How long does it last, how durable is it?
That's the only question I can't answer. I haven't tested it's wear time because I never wear the same manicure more than three or four days, not long enough to determine. I don't think trying it on the toes would be fair because polishes last on my toes for weeks, maybe longer.

Would I buy it again?
Abslolutely! But...I gotta throw a but in there.  I love it and would buy it again if and only if, I can buy it in bulk like I do the Seche Vite.

I saw the original one on Amazon for $7.50. The price is definitely dropping.  I found the new Seche Vive Gel top coat for $5.95 at the Premier Nail Source here.  I would buy whichever was most easily available and had the lowest price.

Would I choose it over Seche Vite?
Whichever is available and cheaper.

Overall, I found the dry time between the two top coats the same - both fast.  I couldn't see a difference in the shine - both make a super shiny manicure. I found a difference in the consistensy, though. The Seche Vive is a little thinner. Those who have a problem with thick polish might find the Seche Vive Get top coat a better choice.

If I put on a blindfold, I couldn't tell you which top coat went on which finger.

So, my final thoughts are that I love it, but it's no better or worse, or that much different than it's predecessor.
Ciao for now.

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