Friday, May 13, 2016

Zen Moments

Hi friends,
It might not sound like it, but I'm having a zen moment so I decided to post a zen manicure today. You may not agree that sitting at Starbucks, my uptown office/getaway, and drinking a super pumped up Venti could be soothing and restful. But after my week, this is bliss.

My cares and concerns are far away from my mind. It doesn't bother me that I'm not wearing a stitch of makeup, or jewelry (except for my fitbit, of course). My hair is a mess, and I'm wearing sweats (gray, of all colors). I don't care that half my friends in the neighborhood will pass through here and say "hey, Court, is that you?" Ha! there's somebody now...didn't even recognize me, secluded in my cozy corner, feet up, tablet in lap.

Ahhhhh. This is heaven. My heart is racing from the caffeine, but I'm considering ordering my free Venti now.

I'm enjoying this moment. And my day is going to get even better because at noon, I'll go home and start prepping my son and "adopted" daughter for their prom tonight.

Exciting for me because I get to do nails and makeup and enjoy girly talk that I miss since I don't have daughters. This will be fun, especially since she's a girly girl like me. I can't wait to see her dress. She's going to be gorgeous by the time her mom and I finish with her. That won't be hard because she's a beautiful young lady.  

Shout out to my kids and all their friends attending prom tonight. Be safe, have fun, and bring home lots of pics. I'm going to relive my teenage years through you.

Ciao for now.

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