Thursday, June 23, 2016

And The Announcemen is....

Hello friends, neighbors and family,
Today, I'm making an announcement. It's big.  It's huge.  It's tremendous! It's earth shattering!  Hold on to your seat. Hold on to your hat. Hold on to whatever you hold onto when a category 100 hurricane is coming your way.  No, I'm not running for office (this year), nor am I expecting a little Paints and Polish, and no, my kids aren't going off to college just yet...pity.  This is even bigger. I'm announcing the birth of a little nail polish company named Little Black Dress Nail Lacquers that's due to launch July 1. That's only a week away, so get ready. The owner, assistants and testers have worked diligently to create quality, 5-free polishes that are affordable and attractive. The premise behind these polishes is flexibility of the lacquers. They can be combined and layered to make several different looks just like you can when you accessorize that versatile black dress hanging in your closet. The colors are diverse, and more and more sets will pop up as time progresses.   

The online store is Little Black Dress and the brand is scheduled to make a debut in a few salons in Maryland. Visit here often for more information and swatches from Little Black Dress Nail Lacquers. 
Ciao Bellas!

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