Monday, June 6, 2016

O. P. I. - athon: Tiramisu For Two... And A Cup Of Java, Please

Hi friends,
Ahhh... tiramisu, that light creamy, rich, cocoa, espresso flavored, choclatey goodness. Who can say no to a teeny tiny taste? My mouth is watering thinking about it. The name tiramisu means "pick me up" probably because of the espresso and cocoa in it. This polish is from the Fall 2015  Venice Collection inspired by the great city itself. So, this is how it works. Our eloquent O.P.I. team of polish naming magicians were taken to a top secret, national security level, Quantico sealed, undiscoverable location where they perused maps and viewed the art, architecture and any other notable treasures of Venice, devoured the local foods (hence tiramisu) while brainstorming names to suit the chosen polish colors. I take vacations that don't compare to their brainstorming sessions. Polish Naming Magicians who are you and how did you get that job???  Those powers cannot be taught. Are you Chosen Ones, groomed from birth to bless the world with your creative talents?  I believe they actually have true magical abilities to pull those names out of the hat. They couldn't have attended Hogwarts could they?  I mean that is a fictional place...right?

The magicians must have gotten fat from tasting, testing and sampling the local cuisine judging by the fact that many of the names in this collection seem to have been food inspired.

Since coffee is one of the main features to a good tiramisu , I decided to do a coffee themed manicure.  It's my personal Ode To Starbucks, with whom I have an ongoing love affair.

I think I'll make a coffee run now. Bucky misses me.
Ciao for now.

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