Monday, June 27, 2016

Sneak Peak: Kerry Washington and O.P.I. Coming Soon

Hi friends,

You know from previous posts that I love O.P.I. -fact. Well, now I have something new to be excited about.  I'm sure you've heard that O.P.I. is linking up with Kerry Washington to do a line of polishes.  Guess what?  It's coming real soon.  The fall 2016 line will appear in stores soon, and from what I see,  it's pretty extensive.  I thought the line would have 8 or so polishes, but instead there are almost twice that- 15. Looks like O.P.I. won't have a busy fall since the colors cover every seasonal color you can imagine. What's left? The names of the polishes are in true O.P.I. fashion. Yay!  I believe there is an embargo on details about the line, so I won't say more than what's available, but I can show a pic from Tumblr.

Like I said, the line is scheduled to come out in time for the fall season. I can't wait!
Ciao for now.

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